UFC Flyweight tournament

So UFC is back on FX tomorrow with what will be it’s 200th event. Although the main event of Alves and Kampmann is bound to be great, nothing gets me going more than an old fashioned tournament. With just four men in it, I would have preferred if the UFC held it as a single night event, but at least this way all guys get a fair chance of proper preparation for each other. In case you aren’t aware, the fighters included are:

Benavidez vs Urishitani


Johnson vs McCall

Everything about this mini tournament is intriguing, from the match ups to the unique sudden death round – if after three rounds it is called a draw, there will be one additional round to determine a winner. Also, how will Benevidez, Johnson fare in their first high level drop to Flyweight? My guess is that they are going to be even more dangerous than before. And what will Shooto Champion Urishitani bring to the table? Is he the dark horse of the tourney? This has the makings of a classic. I just wish that the UFC had put more effort into promoting these guys, especially as they will be the bread and butter of this fledgling division over the coming years.

We Modern Violent Gentlemen are rooting for Ian McCall to win, but he faces the toughest competition possible in the other three challengers. Whoever wins this tourney earns the accolade of best Flyweight in the world and his brand new UFC Championship title.



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