The hungry crow

I rarely use the term beautiful, I think it’s a word that gets thrown around a little too much, but when I first saw this tattoo it’s the only word that I could think of to accurately describe it.

I love the little bit of negative space around the crows head, and obviously the hand is very clever. It was made by Seth Wood from Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York. Feast your eyes chaps.





Crispy Ram

Sometimes when I see a tattoo which includes an animal dressed as a gentleman, I find that I end up creating a name and back story for the fellow.

For instance this one is named Reginald Tarquin Crawford who was a successful government spy before retiring as a gentleram of leisure.

Tattoo by the delightfully ‘tached Crispy Lennox at Black Garden Tattoo, London, UK.

War of the Lions

ONE FC holds their next event in two days.  If you are pondering whether or not you will watch it, then here are seven violence ridden reasons why you should…

Felipe Enomoto, Tatsuya Kawajiri, Eduard Folayang, Yuya Shirai, Melvin Manhoef, Eddie Ng and Masakazu Imanari.

MiddleEasy are covering the event and have made a great trailer for it. Their involvement in Battle of Heroes last month ended up in some very slick videos. I will likely end up sharing whatever ones they make for this event at some point.

They have also held a poster competition and narrowed it down to the top 15. My favourite is this beast below, featuring two Lion-man hybrid creatures smashing each other in the face. I can’t wait until technology is advanced enough to provide us with fights like this.

War of the lions

Pre-order the new Milton Zeis book

I’ve been looking forward to the new book Yellow Beak Press are producing, called Milton H Zeis: Tattooing As You Like It. The general idea is that as well as being an in depth biography of the legendary tattoo artist/supplier, it includes reworked Zeis designs by 95 of the world top tattooers. I know, sounds freaking awesome!

Well the book is available for pre-order now! So buy one, and while you’re at it buy me one too! Check out this video if you need further encouragement.

Note: I saw this video on Tattoosday UK, which is run by Total Tattoo columnist Mel Noir, check it out here.

Ryan Mason gets his blog on

Ryan Mason is one of those guys whose blog is right at the top of my bookmarks. Although he only updates it every couple of months, I check it regularly for his latest visual feast.

His most recent post contains more awesomeness than Mr T and Chuck Norris’ imaginary love child. These 2 are my favourites, the dragon/tiger piece was completed in 12 hours over 2 consecutive days. And the owl is just totally badass. Check out the rest here.

 Ryan Mason tattoos out of Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Jon Fitch and his KO induced mo

Jon Fitch has been rather quiet following his loss to Johny Hendricks at the end of December last year. It turns out he has been cultivating his face.

Jon Fitch’s twitter account recently shared evidence which adds support to the theory that facial hair is contagious. Infection of what medical professionals call ‘hairy badass disease’ is caused by the exposure of one’s chin to the fists of a much more epically bearded man.

Jon Fitch

One issue that Fitch’s case has raised with Doctors is how having been completely knocked the fuck out in under 12 seconds seemed to have increased his susceptibility to the ailment.

Hopefully the moustache offers padding to his jaw for the next time he fights a true badass like Johny Hendricks.

Photographic evidence below.

Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch

Follow Fitch on twitter – @jonfitchdotnet