UFC 144: Henderson goes to war with Edgar

Ben Henderson had questions that Frankie Edgar couldn’t answer.

  – See what I did there.

I wen’t into the fight liking both guys, Edgar for his professional attitude and his unrelenting drive to prove naysayers wrong, and Bendo simply because he seems to be a great person, nerdy as hell and with a fighting style I really respect. They frantically went to war and didn’t slow down. A main event like that really affects how a card stays in your memory – which is probably why some people are calling it their favourite so far this year.

UFC 144 is now over and it delivered. Yes, I was hoping that Rampage would slam Ryan Bader so hard that he blasted through the canvas of the octagon breaking the sides off the cage, only for a Pride ring that was hidden neatly underneath pops out ready for the title fight… but maybe that dream was a little bit too infantile of me. I was also hoping for Kid to return to his old form, but at least it was an up and coming British fighter in Vaughan Lee that hammered the nail in that coffin. Hunt and Gomi won with great finishes so that will settle my wishes of success for the old guard of MMA for now. The card delivered on its promises and here are my favorite bits from each fight:

China Zhang Tiequan vs. Japan Issei Tamura

Tamura defeated Zhang via KO (punch) at 0:32 of round 2


Japan Takeya Mizugaki vs. United States Chris Cariaso

Cariaso defeated Mizugaki via unanimous decision


Japan Riki Fukuda vs. United States Steve Cantwell

Fukuda defeated Cantwell via unanimous decision


Japan Norifumi Yamamoto vs. England Vaughan Lee

Lee defeated Yamamoto via submission (armbar)


Japan Takanori Gomi vs. Japan Eiji Mitsuoka

Gomi defeated Mitsuoka via TKO (punches)


United States Anthony Pettis vs. United States Joe Lauzon

Pettis defeated Lauzon via KO (head kick & punches)


Japan Hatsu Hioki vs. Poland Bart Palaszewski

Hioki defeated Palazewski via unanimous decision


Japan Yushin Okami vs. United States Tim Boetsch

Boetsch defeated Okami via TKO (punches)


Japan Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. United States Jake Shields

Shields defeated Akiyama via unanimous decision


New Zealand Mark Hunt vs. France Cheick Kongo

Hunt defeated Kongo via TKO (punches)


United States Quinton Jackson vs. United States Ryan Bader

Bader defeated Jackson via unanimous decision


United States Frankie Edgar (c) vs. United States Ben Henderson

Henderson defeated Edgar via unanimous decision


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