ONE FC 2 Battle of Heroes

ONE FC continued to develop from it’s strong first showing by putting on a great event this past weekend. I am very excited for what this promotion is going to be able to do for MMA if they keep headed in the direction they are going.

A lot of people feel let down by one of the most hyped fights on the show (for name value only I would assume) –  Bob Sapp vs Rolles Gracie. Sapp turtled from punches – what the hell did you expect?! I felt that even that fight had something to be entertained by as Rolles Gracie showed he could handle a massive weight disadvantage and when he took top control, not risk dominant position for a a submission. The rest of the card was a good show for potential future star players in the sport, but in my eyes, Ole Laursen and Felipe Enomoto stole the show in the main event. Here is the video…


One comment on “ONE FC 2 Battle of Heroes

  1. […] you were silly enough not to take up my offer to watch each fight individually, here is a great video capturing the best parts of the event from a unique cage-side angle, created […]

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