UFC 143: Stephen Thompson knocks out Dan Stittgen with a HEADKICKOUTTANOWHERE

Although last night’s main event was great, it lacked the explosive flair I was expecting. Condit did a great job avoiding Diaz’s overwhelming flurries but didn’t turn it up as often as he could have and didn’t take advantage of some of the opportunities he created for himself. If a judge were to take away the flicking leg kicks Condit threw while moving backwards then I had Diaz winning – but only just.

Although the main event ended in a decision that I am sure some will question over the coming week, one of the under-card fights stood out thanks to an amazing finish by the young up and comer Stephen Thompson.

The only thing that I had heard of Stephen Thompson before last night was that he was ‘another Karate guy’. After 4 minutes of me ridiculing his stance, movement, and stupidity for keeping his hands at his hips he shut me the hell up by throwing a perfect right hand- head kick out of nowhere combo to the noggin of Dan Stittgen… then proceeded to do AN ACTUAL BARREL ROLL!!! WTF?! Doesn’t get much cooler than this…


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