Miss Tattoo UK

You remember yesterday when I told you about the UK Tattoo Industry Awards? Well the chaps at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention are also running Miss Tattoo UK! This is obviously a freaking awesome idea, and it is bound to make the convention totally unmissable. This is from the website:

What makes a woman beautiful?

Society, media and life has made us lose the ability to be proud of the woman within us. In a quest to reclaim the real woman Gladstone Magazine & Liverpool Tattoo Convention are hosting 

Miss Tattoo 2012 a celebration of our beautiful tattooed women that live in the real world and simple ooze that very essence that makes the word woman so bloody sexy in its own right.

The deadline date for entries is the 1st March 2012 following this the 20 highest rated entrants will be announced and judging will take place by public vote finishing on the 21st April 2012  reducing the number of contestants down to 10 followed by judging by a panel on Saturday 5th May 2012 at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2012.

By entering you are agreeing that if you reach the top 10 you will be in attendance at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2012 for judging.

Same deal as with the Industry Awards, get your virtual booties over to the website and get rating, and if you’re interested in seeing the results make sure you buy tickets to the convention.


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