UK Tattoo Industry Awards

The Liverpool Tattoo Convention is again running the UK Tattoo Industry awards this year, which gives tattoo artists and enthusiasts the chance to vote for their favourite tattooers and journalists. The following is from their website;

Our Ethos:
We consider that Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Enthusiasts should decide which artists deserve an award in recognition of achievement in their field.
We consider that Journalists, Photographers, Publications and online resources do an invaluable job in promoting the industry, and the Tattoo scene in general, so it is only right that achievement in these areas should be acknowledged.
Also that Equipment suppliers that supply to only registered artists should be also be recognised for their contribution in preventing equipment getting into the wrong hands.
We continue to do what we can to raise standards in the tattoo industry, give credit where it is due and let the tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts voices be heard.
This years award categories  are:
– Best Tattoo Journalist 
– Best Tattoo Photographer 
– Best UK Tattoo Publication 
– Best International Tattoo Publication
– Best Online Tattoo Resource 
–  Ethical Supplier Award 
– Peoples Choice Best UK Male Artist 
– Peoples Choice Best UK Female Artist 
– Peoples Choice Best International Male Artist 
– Peoples Choice Best International Female Artist
The convention is on the 4th 5th and 6th of May (first day is artists only) and the voting ends on the 3rd of March, so get your bloody lives together and click here to get voting. And while you’re there, buy some tickets to go to the convention, it looks like it’s gonna be bloody awesome.

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