Monster mash!

This is the kind of hilarious match up that old school PRIDE fans like us seriously love.

James “I lost to Kimbo Slice” Thompson is fighting Bob Sapp on March 11th in the headlining bout for new Indian MMA promotion Super Fight League. And if you didn’t think this was funny enough, have a look at this promotional picture.

Before this however, Sapp has the tall task of taking on Rolles Gracie on the second ONE FC card in February. Although he is only 5-1, Gracie’s only loss was in the UFC, to the highly respected Joey Beltran, he has submitted all of his other opponents in the first round. Plus, he’s a Gracie. Gotta love Asian MMA mis-matches!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bob Sapp. The man is a total throwback from the days when you could be a huge success in Japan based almost entirely upon being freakishly huge and scary looking. And James Thompsons signature “gong and dash” start is a thing of legend. I can’t wait!

Thanks to Bloody Elbow for the image and info.


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