The Reem: Going out with a bang

One of our favourite gentlemen of violence demolished Brock Lesnar on Friday – which made me very, very happy. After we had completed every possible variation of the high five, the Pride fan-boys that live inside KidKimura and I crept back into the darkest part of our hearts that they normally inhabit. Watching Ubereem fell the mammoth Lesnar with body strikes was the perfect way to see out the new year.

As a welcome to our new King, you should all get to know him. The latest episode of The Reem probably isn’t the best in the series, but it surrounds the lead up and behind the scenes goings on to the fight with Lesnar. This has to be the best online MMA documentary series by far and if the fight last Friday didn’t sway you into being an Overeem fan, then his welcoming personality that is shown in every episode of this series will.


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