Free book by Dan Henk!


That’s right, FREE! The Black Seas on Infinity is Texan tattoo extraordinaire Dan Henk’s debut novel. The following is from the description on amazon;

“Visions of pulp era heroes fill his thoughts. Taking advanced physics, he dreams big, but harsh reality bites as he grows up, and he resigns himself to building surveillance drones for the military. After a brief probative period, he’s unexpectedly moved into the clandestine world of investigating crashed alien craft. Fascinated beyond anything he thought possible, it’s a dream come true but his lack of social skills get him fired. However, he’s seen too much – and a year later returns to pull off a bloody heist… Fleeing into the woods with the military in hot pursuit, he makes a mad scramble up the coast. It’s only then he discovers the world has grown strange. Businesses are closed. Highways deserted. The US has become fractured… Trigger happy locals and violent militias are only the beginning. Death, madness, and the unwelcome return of creatures from beyond this world await…”

The book is currently free for kindle download, which is an absolute bargain, as I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. Click here to download the book. Don’t have a kindle you say? The kindle app is available for free download for pretty much any smart phone. No smart phone? Chill out, you can read it on your computer. No computer? Then HOW THE HELL ARE YOU READING THIS!

As if you needed any more reason to download it, check out how insanely talented this dude is.


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