There is only one London convention!

Anyone that keeps up to date with the goings on in the tattoo world will surely have already heard about the convention that Jazz Publishing (folks behind Skin Deep, Skin Shots, and Tattoo Master magazines, as well as Tattoo Jam and Tattoo Freeze conventions) are organising. Dubbed “The Great British Tattoo Show”, the convention is planned for April, at Olympia in London . The following is from their website;

“In essence the event will be about tattoos and their association with fashion. We plan to break the floor space (it is one giant room) in to three areas, while having stages and a catwalk/ entertainment area in the centre.

The three areas are Traditional, Contemporary and Urban, and the tattoos, fashion and music in each area will be based around these elements.”

Yeah, I know. I cringed when I read it too.

Rather than going on a rant about my own views on this convention, I will simply point you in the direction of a few other sites and let you fine chaps make up your own mind.

For a start, check out and have a read about the business practices of the owner of Jazz Publishing.

Next, have a look at a letter from Miki Vialetto, posted on Tattoo Artist Magazine’s blog here. Miki has been involved in the tattoo community for a long time, and is the fine chap that brought us the REAL London Tattoo Convention, and also the Milano Tattoo Convention.

And finally, Danny Sawyer (works out of Italian Rooster in Milan and the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum) posted this on his blog. Lot’s of people have been writing about this but I think Danny has summed it up the best.

Sorry to post something “serious” for a change. To make up for it, here’s a couple of Danny Sawyer’s tattoos.


5 comments on “There is only one London convention!

  1. Stuart Mears says:

    Please check out for correct information

    • kidkimura says:

      Hello Stuart. Thanks for taking the time to reply. What information on is incorrect?

      • Stuart Mears says:

        Hello, This will be posted on my blog in the future, unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions to correct. Thanks Stuart

      • kidkimura says:

        Ok, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it. I’m trying to remain impartial and let this blogs readers make up their own minds. I personally wont be attending your convention, but I won’t be asking others to boycott it. Like I said, I’m sure anyone reading this is intelligent enough to decide for themselves. That said I don’t want to share any information that’s incorrect, though I’m fairly sure that so far I haven’t.

  2. twizzyboy says:

    I don’t have to be impartial.

    Stuart, you should have called it I hope that paying the PR Company that advised you on how to deal with the situation doesn’t force you to liquidate another company, leaving yet more hardworking people unpaid.

    There is more than one way to interpret your page, which I won’t bother humouring here. Good luck with your fashion show.

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