I have been naughty and haven’t contributed to this blog as much as KidKimura since Christmas, but I have a good excuse… Skyrim. The game has just frozen due to overheating (which is annoyingly ironic in two ways – the first being the unsubtle wordplay involved in the causality and the second as the game is set in a world comprising primarily of snow and ice) so I am taking this opportunity to add posts. Got some good tattoos lined up for the next few days. But until our usual morning post tomorrow, I will continue my computerised Nordic violence and lose another night of sleep.


Countdown to… TONIGHT!

I’m so excited!

If we don’t post anything tomorrow it’s because we’ll be sleeping all day to recover from staying up to watch one of the most anticipated heavyweight MMA fights of all time! Watch this video and prepare to start jumping around and shadow-boxing in front of the mirror.

Before it’s too late

I thought I’d share this with you fine chaps while it’s still relevant. This video is from Stewart Robson from Frith Street Tattoo in London, he posts videos fairly regularly, all of which are awesome and can be seen on his vimeo page. I would seriously recommend finding the time to watch all of his videos, there is some amazing work on display in each and every one of them. Enjoy!

Sonnen speaks to Brazil

Below is a video clip of a promo Chael Sonnen did for Brazilian TV. I love how his fight with Anderson Silva was nearly a year and a half ago, and he still talks about a rematch every time anyone points a camera at him. Still, if he gets past Mark Munoz (on UFC on Fox 2, 28th of January), nobody can deny he deserves another shot.

Plus that suplex was pretty sweet.

Grapplers paradise

Are you one of these MMA fans that just likes seeing dudes punch each other in the face, and boos whenever it hits the ground?

Well then, you are stupid. Watching these videos may help you to become less stupid.

If you like what you see, check out the ADCC facebook page. It’s where I first saw these videos, and they are always posting really cool grappling stuff.

Get real

I know we seem to post more traditional tattoos than any other style, which is mainly due to the fact that gentlemanly motifs seem to be more popular in traditional designs. Thankfully the wonderful Mr Nigel Kurt of Funhouse Tattoos isn’t afraid to bust out a moustache or two, realism style. Despite being known mainly for his monochrome delights, turns out Mr Kurt is pretty awesome with colour too.