Movember appeal – Why to keep your moustache

Today is the final day of Movember, and Men all around the nation will soon be shaving off their 30 days worth of fuzz.

But wait! Put down that razor! Moustaches aren’t just for Movember, here are a few reasons you should keep the ‘stache going.

1. It hasn’t even started getting good yet! Even the densest of lip ticklers doesn’t really start getting good until a couple of months in. It would be a waste to shave it off having just got out of the peach fuzz phase.

2. It’ll keep your face warm. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s now winter. Cold times are a-comin’, and there is no better way to stay warm than to grow a nice little rug under your nose. 

3. It’s a great ice breaker. Are you a little shy around the ladies? Having a big ol’ curly handlebar is a great conversation starter, and people will actually start coming up to talk to you instead of vice versa.

4. You will never get bored. Pulling faces in the mirror reaches a whole new level when you have a moustache. Throw a pipe into the mix and you can sell that x-box thingy that is sure to just gather dust in the corner. There is also the hours of fun to be had twiddling the ends like a silent movie villain.

5. You now have the potential to look amazing! Seriously, you have no idea what kind of awesomeness awaits you in a few weeks time. Who knows, before too long you could be as stylish as this fine chap.

So I beg of you, gentlemen of the nation, keep your mo’s intact. And while you’re at it send us a picture! I’d love to do a feature on our reader’s facial hair.

Until next time, keep it hairy.


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