Ronda Rousey really dislikes elbow joints

Yeah, she is hella hot. But just like the enchanting Sirens of Greek Mythology she lures you in, and as you reach out, she takes your arm and rips it off! I would rather be smashed into rocks than let Ronda have her way with my limbs.


2 comments on “Ronda Rousey really dislikes elbow joints

  1. kidkimura says:

    She makes me want to do Judo! Including her amateur fights she has 7 fights, 7 wins, 7 armbar finishes, and her longest fight lasted less than a minute! Seriously scary lady.

  2. […] ambassadors of WMMA, but Ronday Rousey has really won us over with her great feisty personality, the fact that she loves tearing off arms as much as we do just strengthens our love for […]

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