Movember ‘staches – Earl Hickey

“You guys make your own wine? I tried to make Tequila once, but I didn’t know what was in it besides worms. Pretty gross. It still got me drunk though”


2 comments on “Movember ‘staches – Earl Hickey

  1. jm correa glez says:

    Such a Moron, in films and real life, Tequila does not have warm, Oh, maybe the buggar he drop from his nose into the Tequila Shot!!!

    • kidkimura says:

      I’m a big Jason Lee fan, so I disagree about the real life part. I think maybe the worm is just something Mexicans say to silly tourists to make them eat bugs! I must admit to having been duped by this myself in the past! Thanks very much for looking chap.

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