Roy Nelson’s face

Roy Nelson has been working hard to prepare for his bout against MMA legend Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic on next weeks UFC 137 main card. As well as working with Frank Mir, who KO’d Cro Cop back at UFC 119, he has let his beard grow out to produce this glorious visage:

It’s a little wild and unkempt, but that pretty much sums up Nelson’s style. A well rounded fighter with a BJJ black belt and KO power in his hands, Roy carries a lot of tools into the cage each time he fights, in a giant, size XXL, metaphorical tool belt. With the addition of a mighty beard, who knows what he will be capable of? Maybe the additional face padding will make him immune to the long forgotten mythical left high kick of Filipovic. Either way, it’ll be a great scrap, and one of many on a very stacked card.

Thanks to Bloody Elbow for the picture.


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