BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz

With GSP now injured, Penn and Diaz are taking the top spot at UFC 137 next week. For those of you annoyed at the loss of a title fight in the main event, well there’s just no bloody pleasing you is there? Penn vs Diaz is a much more interesting match up, and is bound to be much more exciting than any fight featuring GSP.

The first time I saw BJ Penn fight I literally went straight to the Yellow Pages and looked up MMA schools, and never went to another traditional MMA class again. Diaz is probably the most dangerous welterweight in the world not names Georges St Pierre. He has looked amazing in his last few fights, even managing to beat Paul Daley standing, who most considered to be the top striker in the 170lb division. These two meeting in the cage pretty much guarantees some top notch violence, and I for one cannot wait.

To keep you going until then, check out these highlight videos.


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