Moustache log – week 8

Remember when I said that it would be a while until I could style my ‘stache into a handlebar? Well I guess I was just plain wrong.

It’s not perfect. It needs tweaking throughout the day, mainly to stop the hairs in the middle falling down (the dreaded fangs!), but it’s getting there. I have probably received more compliments in the last few days than in the rest of my life combined! I’ve had a little trim of my goatee this week too, and made a bit of a hash of it. Oh well, at least my lip tickler will draw the attention away.

Now that it’s a little longer I think I’ll only post these updates every other week from now on, in order to increase the effect it has on your jealousy gland. But fear not, I promise to post more pictures of moustachioed marvels much greater than myself.

Until next time folks, stay hairy.


3 comments on “Moustache log – week 8

  1. tommcgonegal says:

    Nice moustache…. Are you growing it for any particular reason?

    • kidkimura says:

      Why thank you very much sir.

      Not growing it for any reason other than the fact that moustaches are awesome.

      With movember coming up I’ll be trying to convince everyone to keep growing their ‘staches and join the club!

    • Mister Ollie says:

      A late in coming reply … Very well done. I would be pleased to be able to grow one as fine as yours. I’m shamed to admit I didn’t participate in Movember this year. I should be more respectful of this time considering that prostate cancer has claimed a few of my own family members during my lifetime.

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