Meet Uncle Creepy

Ian McCall is nowhere near as well known as he deserves to be. Not just because of his awesome nickname and moustache either. Ranked by Sherdog as the number 1 flyweight in the world, McCall is currently riding a 4 fight winning streak, including a win over former flyweight king Jussier da Silva, and is the reigning Tachi Palace Fights 125lb champ. In fact the only loses on his record are to Charles Valencia and UFC champion Dominic Cruz, both of which were at bantamweight. As with most flyweights, McCall has often had to fight above his natural weight class in order to stay active. Hopefully the UFC will add flyweights to the roster soon so he can get a little more media attention in his own division.

His back story is riddled with hardships and heartbreaking tragedy, including the loss of close friend and training partner, Justin Levens. As anyone that has followed this sport for a while will know, in late 2008, Levens shot his wife dead, shortly before laying down next to her and shooting himself. Despite personal problems and a history of drugs issues, McCall has managed to drastically turn his life around in recent years, and is now expecting his first child with his new wife.

Should the UFC introduce a 125lb division, McCall would hopefully be at the top of their wish list. A natural showman with a very well rounded skill set, it would be amazing to see Uncle Creepy fighting on the big stage. Check out his most recent fight against Darrell Montague at TPF 10 in the video below, courtesy of


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