Beard watch – A man of Passion

I’ve been away for a week, but fear not, I am back, and I come bearing beards.

This magnificent face rug belongs to American musician, author, speaker, and of course beard expert, Jack Passion.

Mr Passion is a multiple world beard champion, and literally wrote the book on proper beard care. The Facial Hair Handbook is considered to be the definitive guide to beard growing and grooming, and is suitable for both beginners and seasoned beardos. He is currently starring in American TV show “Whisker Wars” on IFC, and has also been interviewed by magazines such as Vice Magazine and The Los Angeles Times.

Despite having to settle for silver in this years World Beard and Moustache Championships in Norway (to fellow Team USA member Rooty Lundvall), Jack is one of the most well known and respected beard aficionados in the world. I personally find it amazing that a man in his 20’s can have such a long and full growth, and the fact that he first won the world championship at only 23 years old just makes him all the more impressive.

Jack Passion is an inspiration to beard growers around the world. His luxurious, Volstagg-esque fuzz has set the bar for aspiring beard champions everywhere. Thank you, Mr Passion, for filling our eye holes with your beardy delights.


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