Fighter of the week – Pat ‘HD’ Barry

The past two fighter of the weeks I have picked have gone on to lose their next fights, so I damn well hope my preacher of deatch trend is bucked for this thickly thighed gentleman.

As soon as I saw him smash Dan Evenson’s legs and knees to pieces I was instantly a fan. I love a good low kick and HD provides them in droves. His butchering of Hardonk was inspiring but his most recent fight with Kongo has got to be one of the most insane I can remember. After dropping Kongo several times (all of which could have been deemed a finish by a lesser ref), he got caught and KOed himself. That fight is the personification of HD in my mind, balls to the wall, put it all on the line, and even in loss, putting on the best fight possible.

HD is fighting Stefan Struve on the main card of UFC Live 6 this Saturday. With the hilarious back and forth youtube videos between him and Struve, this is by far the fight I am looking forward to most on the card. One of my friends is also a short arse, so we are pulling for the ‘little’ guy on this one.

For Struve’s sake, I hope he is training with lumberjacks, otherwise Mike and Joe will be yelling TIMBER by the end of the first round!

Follow HD on twitter @HypeOrDie.


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