I came across Eckels work last year when looking for an artist to do my back piece. I instantly fell in love with his bleak, neo-vintage style and emotive dark themes that lie beneath his tattoos.

Originally from Germany he is based in Copenhagen, Denmark at Conspiracy Inc. A brilliant shop that houses welcoming people and is covered in great artwork, photography and weird taxidermy that reflects the creative nature of both Uncle Allan and Eckel.

Alongside his impressive tattoos, Eckel has produced a number of highly respected flash and art/sketch books. I recently bought Times of Grace and have every intention of buying all of Eckel’s books as I found it such an inspiring resource. I literally can’t look through it without wanting to pick up a pencil and start constructing images (albeit unfortunately, not anywhere near his standard). His newest book Kingdom of Rain is available now. I have only flicked through it, but I am looking forward to purchasing it soon. UPDATE – I have bought this and it is AWESOME!!

Enough writing, his art speaks for itself…

Eckel books a few months’ worth of appointments at a time. Details of how to book with him can be found on the Conspiracy Inc blog.


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