Fighter of the week – ‘The Fireball Kid’ Takanori Gomi

One of my favourite lightweights since his beastly run through the Bushido events back in the Pride FC days, Takanori Gomi has KO power and great wrestling which set him apart from the majority of his Japanese peers.

Through a time where Japanese fighters didn’t fare too well against international talent, Gomi was blasting through his opponents with KO after KO. He is a former Shooto Champion the last and only PRIDE Lightweight Champion.

Unfortunately since the fall of PRIDE FC he has had mixed success. This could be in part due to his choice not to cut weight down to the featherweight division where most believe he belongs, and instead providing his opponents with a size advantage.

Despite no longer being a ‘top tier’ lightweight, he will always be a danger to anyone willing to stand in front of him. As proven in the highlight reel below.

The Fireball Kid fights this weekend against Nate Diaz at UFC 135.


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