Gentleman of the month – Stephen Fry

Ok, so for our first ever “Gentleman of the month” I decided to go for the person that is probably my favourite gentleman alive.

Stephen Fry is awesome. This much is obvious. The man just seems to have an aura of brilliance. I will literally watch anything with him in. If he was to present Stephen Fry’s 100 top pillowcases I would undoubtedly sit and watch every single minute of it. And it would probably be amazing.

More valuable a national treasure than the crown jewels, Mr Fry first graced our screens in 1982, in The Cellar Tapes, which was written by the man himself, along with Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson and Tony Slattery. I won’t try to list everything he’s appeared in (that’s what IMDB is for), but he is probably best known for his work with Hugh Laurie in A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and of course for presenting the fabulous QI. Over the years Stephen has been entertaining and educating us via television, film, radio, theatre, and has written numerous books, as well as lending his voice to the audio versions of the Harry Potter books, Hitchhiker’s Guide series, and several Roald Dahl books.

Part of what draws me to Stephen Fry is the combination of his old-fashioned style and appeal, along with his love of technology and gadgets. Stephen is well known for being very active on twitter, and at this time has over 3 million followers. Stephen is also a self confessed lover of gadgets, and recently presented Stephen Fry’s 100 Greatest Gadgets on Channel 4, which was 3 hours long, and of course, I watched the entire thing.

Intelligent, witty, fun, and of course, an absolute gentleman, Stephen Fry is the kind of man that makes me proud to be British. We here at Fisticuffs salute you Stephen Fry, may you continue to fill our lives with giggles, and our heads with knowledge.


2 comments on “Gentleman of the month – Stephen Fry

  1. David Boring says:

    Assigning Stephen Fry the title of “Gentleman of the Month,” is like calling Kim Ung-yong a fairly clever guy. Stephen Fry is The Ultimate Gentleman of All Time, and should be recognized as such.

  2. twizzyboy says:

    I agree. Maybe we can have him as ‘Gentleman of the month’ EVERY month!

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