FIghter of the week – Cody McKenzie

OK, he is coming off of a loss, but how can I not pick this guy as fighter of the week with facial hair like this.

Cody McKenzie is an up and coming young fighter in the shark tank that is the Lightweight division of the UFC. Although his style of fighting is sometimes awkward and unrefined, he makes up for these downfalls with a slick submissions game.

Out of his 12 wins 11 came by guillotine choke (third highest in pro MMA). He uses a unique grip when completing the choke which has resulted in many people referring to it as a McKenzietine choke.

Gaining notoriety and a UFC contract due to his success on the reality show The Ultimate Fighter, McKenzie will be having his second UFC fight this weekend against Vagner Rocha.

This first video is of Cody choking Mark Stevens unconscious in less than 20 seconds on TUF despite preparations and warnings that guillotines are Cody’s specialty.

Here is an interview of McKenzie discussing his training preferences and the reasons behind his latest choice in facial hair grooming.


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