New weekly feature – BEARD WATCH!

Behold! Our new weekly beard post!

Each week we will be presenting to you our favourite beard of the week. It could be a particularly impressive face bush, or perhaps a historical figure sporting a manly mane, either way, face follicle fans will not be disappointed.

For our first week I present to you a man who is an absolute legend of the beardy world. Germanys Elmar Weisser has won the bi-annual World Beard and Moustache Championship’s freestyle division in 2005, 2007, and 2011 (he was unable to attend in 2009). Each time Elmar moulds his beard into a shape representing the host nation. At this years competition his beard was shaped into a reindeer on one side and the Norwegian flag on the other! My personal favourite however is from when he came here to Blighty for the 2007 competition, as you can see below, he transformed his beard into ruddy London Bridge! I feel patriotic just looking at it!

Here you go then beard fans, enjoy!


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