Moustache log – Week 2

So, one week on and, well… not much has changed.

My face still looks like I’ve been playing around with iron filings. I actually kinda wish this was the case, because that would mean I have a magnetic face. Then I could take all kinds of humourific pictures of myself with random objects on my face, and I could literally have a beard of steel.

For follically challenged gentlemen everywhere, I shall continue with my quest to beautify my face with a massive manly moustache.

So until that goal is achieved, the battle continues. Here, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, is my face.


2 comments on “Moustache log – Week 2

  1. Becky 'The Bee' Blake says:

    I’d say that’s a pretty big change since last week!

  2. twizzyboy says:

    Turned into a mocha stain rather than cappuccino.

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